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Use common sense when using Dating Websites

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Every now and then a story on local news will appear on a woman who was scammed by a man she met on a dating site.  The most popular dating sites become more often to hear these stories.  However, this is usually the exception and not the rule.  There are thousands of stories of couples who have met with success on a dating site and fell in love, had long-term relationships, and many of them have gotten married.  If you are dabbling in online dating, use common sense when giving out personal information.  But don't be afraid to date online, as is becoming more and more commonplace every day.

Of course, will not give personal information extremely private or of someone you just met online.  Why did you do?  And if the person you just met asks for this kind of personal information that certainly must send a red flag that something is not right.  If you want to date you, because the world needs your social security number or the name of your bank?  Seems pretty simple to decipher the good guys by fraudsters, but many people fall prey to these with the man.  And, unfortunately, the internet is crawling with people trying to take advantage of a vulnerable boy or girl who innocently looking for love.

Use your head!  Not so fell into a romantic illusion that you open yourself up to this kind of situation.  These scams take advantage of the fact that the defenses are low, the vulnerability is high and you are thinking with your heart and not your head. The following advice I was given from time to time, but it bears repeating:

When you meet through a dating site, do not put your address or phone number on your online profile. Usually the site has set up its own way of establishing contacts, so you don't have to use your email address is.When you meet in person, be sure to meet in a public place, populated preferably during the day.Meet the agreed location.  Take your car and be sure to not get in the car with him for any reason.  Especially if you don't have a good feeling about him.Go slow.  Trust someone right off the bat without knowing much about him is naive.  Don't be in such a rush to disclose any personal information about your past, your family, your bank account, etc..  Let the relationship unfold and evolve naturally.  He is probably not a scammer but it doesn't hurt to keep things going at a slow pace and Nice.  If this is "the one", both of you will know that and he doesn't mind if you take the baby steps rather than when you between his arms and in his life.

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