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Be your own Dating Websites Detective

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One of the hottest jobs for 2011 will be online dating websites Detective. Search for potential partners, their findings to stakeholders, for a fee to report these people. There's a lot of talk about dating detectives websites and while this service can be useful, is not free, and you certainly can go a long way from just being your detective.

Background checks

There are a number of sites online that offer extensive background checks on people. This is one of the best tools for any online dating detective, but comes with a fee and, occasionally, a false sense of security. A background "reasonably good" control should never be the last word for people found on dating websites. There are too many holes left behind, as databases vary in quality and availability. Some counties do not keep digital records or provide certain information, which means that the claws of the web cannot reach everyone with more detail as the others.


In many ways, Google has become a second cousin to the official control on a database. Anything that can be found through Google these days, including membership of social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), professional profiles and personal websites and blogs. It is very difficult to cover the tracks on the Internet, so whenever in doubt, Google the first name/last name of people/position and digitize the first 10 pages of results.

Photo shopped/Generic photos

While most people will catch this old trick, is none-less an important reminder that any photos that look too commercial, probably belong to someone who is not honest about their appearance, or is pretending to be someone else, neither of which is a good base from which to start a relationship.

Inconsistent profile

A way to capture a scammer, you pay attention to profiles of anyone you choose to communicate with a lot, and this will enable you to identify inconsistencies with their information rather quickly. These people are usually work with multiple profiles and a number of other people in their operation, so it's easy to forget certain details about their character, as their location, work, child care or hobby. Also, take note of their writing style and structure, to exclude the possibility of dealing with several appointments sites scammers using the same profile of sentence.

Poor communication

While a lot of bad people can be quite fascinating, there are some features that may be taken to note their communication style. Should be a red flag a too much subterfuge, such as ignoring or failing a response to several common questions about past relationships, work or daily activities. It is easier to cover a shady past (or composed) if they can ignore it completely. Poor communication can be a sign of a person too busy, disinterest or one that you have a conversation with an overabundance of members, none of which is good, if you're looking for a serious relationship.


In addition to sex offenders and married cheaters (surveys suggest 1/3 of all the dating site profiles belong to married men), you should also be looking for a different type of scam. Identity theft is always a concern on the Internet and online dating is one of the hot spots for these people hang out. While usually will do a pretty poor job of trying to obtain your personal information, others can be pretty smooth. Never give any information until you are comfortable doing so, and this includes your full name, address, personal e-mail, phone number, etc.

Keep odd hours

While keeping odd hours can be entirely legitimate, this could also be a red flag. Married people are of course working on nights and weekends and will have only a few times that are available to communicate, which is usually during the night hours and strange in the morning. Pay attention to time Stamp on emails and templates for instant messaging, various people living two lives, must be consistent with their maintenance odd hours, while most people will keep at least some flexibility to communicate on a variety of opportunities throughout the day.

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