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Celebrity Dating Websites Quiz: who's dated who?

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Dating experiences are something that we share with almost everyone, including divinity blackened Tinseltown. While you're not likely to find a celeb cranking through their options on popular dating sites, the rate of success/failure would wonder if they might not be better if they did. Directly from the pages of the Web sites of gossip steamiest America, let's find out how much you know about dating life Hollywood best and brightest.

1. who are the two women below that both have dated Michael Jackson at one time or another?

r. Madonna and Brooke Shields

b. Lisa Marie Presley and Connie Chung

c. Stephanie Mills and Sinead O'Connor

d. Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston

2. which celebrity Marilyn Monroe ever made so far?

r. Dean Martin (actor and singer)

b. Mickey Rooney (actor)

c. Cary Grant (actor)

d. Yule Brynner (actor)

3. which of these women have dated the fun-loving man, funny, Robin Williams?

r. Raquel Welsh (actress)

b. Christy Canyon (porn star)

c. Sally fields (actress)

d. Robin Givens (actress)

4. which of these hunks was rumored to have spent some time personal meetings with the boisterous, Kirstie Alley?

r. David HotelTravel.com member (actor)

b. prince (musician)

c. Clint Eastwood (Actor/Director)

d. John Travolta (actor)

5. This action film star was once linked with sex at Star City, Kim Cattrall?

r. Val Kilmer

b. Keanu Reeves

c. Anthony Hopkins

d. Bruce Willis

6. Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston are both members of the club by John Mayer fan (hate?), but who is a bona fide member?

r. Rebecca Lord (porn star)

b. Jennifer Love (actress)

c. Heidi Klum (model)

d. all of the above

7. Jack Nicholson has been on the market for more years than he would care to remember, but that one of these young women (younger than him, anyway) he was not connected with?

r. Janice Dickinson (model)

b. Kate Moss (model)

c. Drew Barrymore (actor)

d. Lindsay Lohan (actor)

8. which one of these beautiful women had a short fling with Owen Wilson (brother Luke Wilson)?

r. Kelly Preston

b. Gina Gershon

c. Jaime Pressly

d. Eva Longoria

9. Janice Dickinson (ex-model) has been around the block several times ... just that one of these celebrity kids has never been the trip with you?

r. John f. Kennedy Jr.

b. mick Jagger

c. Harrison Ford

d. Lambert

10. what four beaus don't belong on Alyssa Milano (who's the boss?) dating back to head sheet?

r. Eric Dane (actor), Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit, Justin Timberlake, David Arquette

b. Jonathan Silverman, Brian Bloom (actor), Eric Nies (template), Jason Behr (actor)

c. Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Scott Wolf (actor), Greg Vaughan (actor)

d. Joey Lawrence, Enrique Iglesias, Patrick Wilson (actor), Antonio Sabato Jr. (model)


a-while Michael was never thought much of a playboy throughout his career, Madonna and Brooke have both been linked with the pop star on some level c-as hard as you think Mickey Rooney permanently on a milk carton, getting frisky with the Queen of sexy, Cary Grant, which has lost about taking Marilyn for a test drive. Not that any of these guys should be proud, as he has never experienced an orgasm until life-is very late was Christy Canyon, a well-known porn star 70 ? s 80 ? s, and that first caught the eye of a young Williams. Christy said later the media. "He could never stand up because he was so high on coke — he stank so bad we had to fumed after he left."b-John Trovolta may have had a love affair with the "screen" Star Back in its days of glory (look who's talking about), but it was Prince who got it behind the scenes, how many entries dating websites would en. d-Bruce Willis has dated many ladies beautiful throughout his life, and Kim Cattrall is one of his best d-John Mayer was linked with all these ladies at one time or another. The singer who is known for its long string of women's meetings, once described himself as "very ... I am just very. V-E-R-Y. And if you can't handle a lot, then I'm a douche bag. "d-Jack Nicholson might be one of the last leading Hollywood that Lindsay Lohan had his mitts on. She'd better hurry up before it's too late! b-Gina Gershon had a thing for Owen Wilson between 2000 and 2002 c-Harrison Ford may not have a history with the ex-model, but she has dated men everywhere ranging from 25 years his junior senior 25 her, making her open to anything with a pulse and portfolios.

10. d-Joey Lawrence, Enrique Iglesias, Patrick Wilson, and Antonio Sabato Jr. (model) are all among the very few celebrities that have not gone with Alyssa.

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