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Being in the military UK makes things so difficult for the British military people with regard to getting into a novel so huge demand for a dating site for military. formerly was launched 7 years ago and since then more than 140,000 civil and military users have become members of this dating website.

Forcespenpals is not just a dating site for United Kingdom military but also for those looking for a man or a woman in uniform and even a social networking site for those looking for friends and fun online dating site. By soldiers fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan int to those of the Navy of the United Kingdom, everyone has a chance to get in touch with someone through this website. In addition, for finding a partner on you know early on that may be away for months when duty calls this is another advantage for civilians and military singles.

The site is not very well designed with a very intuitive interface so problems when you try to register or search for a partner here. Speaking of recording, this is one of the simplest step one will, completing only sex, Location, username, email address, birthday and you have yourself a profile on After you have registered, you can upload up to three photos and complete the entire profile at any time you like. However, we recommend that you fill out all the details and add photos to your profile as fast as you can while surely this can increase your chances of getting contacts in the fastest time.

ForcesPenPals is equipped with 3 different levels of membership:

-Basic membership: this is a free and only allows you to create your profile for free, browse profiles and sending/receiving flirts
-Paid membership: for a small monthly fee to access the chat room, get real letters, send and receive unlimited messages and so on
-Military: being a member of UK military forces comes with an extra advantage-about this website, means that you don't have to pay anything for access to all functionality, if you are a part of the UK armed forces

Besides the traditional email, contacts, also registered members can mingle with other singles on ForcesPenPals forum and chat room, meet new people and also spend some time relaxing between similar persons. Research is at a basic level, but when looking for a military just what more could you want to simply search by postcode to match potential?

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